The Packers are coming off of their bye week in which they were able to take a breather.
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However, looking at the season as a whole, it is hard not to feel that there is some sort of panic setting in for Rodgers and his teammates.

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It’s not just that every single one of them has been playing poorly either, it’s also how they’ve been playing
It is possible that Packers' head coach Ted Thompson is so invested in what goes on in Rodgers' mind that he wants him to think too much.
It’s unfair to say that Aaron Rodgers is panicking because we don’t live inside his head.
In fact, I would argue that a regular mindfulness practice has its advantages.
And even if he were, so what? He still needs to be able to play well and lead his team.
We’ve all had moments where we were scared or stressed out or panicking (I know I have).
It doesn’t mean you are incompetent at your job; it means you are human.
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