A Look Back at Loretta Lynn's Hometown of Butcher Holler
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A Look Back at Loretta Lynn's Hometown of Butcher Holler After Loretta Lynn died on Tuesday at her home in Tennessee
her hometown, Butcher Holler, was featured in many of the stories remembering the country music star’s life and career.
In 1960, Lynn wrote the song that launched her singing career – I’m a Honky Tonk Girl – while sitting on her front porch in Butcher Holler.
Coal Miner's Daughter was her first song to be released on a major record label and it won two Grammy Awards.
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Lynn married Oliver Vanetta Doo Parton on January 10, 1948. They had three children together: Patsy, Peggy and Harold.
loretta lynn childrenloretta lynn childrenloretta lynn children
Loretta was born in 1935, she was the youngest of eight children and her father died when she was four years old.
loretta lynn siblingsloretta lynn siblingsloretta lynn siblings
Lynn married her husband, Oliver Vanetta Lynn, Jr., on December 24, 1948. They had four children together: two sons
loretta lynn husbandloretta lynn husbandloretta lynn husband
Loretta was born on April 14, 1932 in Butcher Holler. Her childhood was typical for that time and region, with outdoor work and little opportunity for formal education.
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