Drake, 21 Savage Are ‘Privileged Rappers’ Inside a Block of Gold in Faux ‘Colors’ Performance Video
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Drake and 21 Savage are continuing their spoofy Her Loss album promo with the release of a performance
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video for “Privileged Rappers,” pretending the clip was filmed for Colors x Studios.
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The duo released a performance video on Instagram and YouTube on Monday that captures the stars giving a rendition of Track 5 from their new album from inside
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golden room, seemingly deciding that gold is 21 and Champagne Papi’s color.
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In the video, the two rappers walk up to a microphone as Drake — in a khaki coat and cornrows — opens the song as 21 Savage bobs his head before joining for his verse.
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“Yeah, let’s have sex in the bank, tеll ’em to open the safе/I hate a privileged rapper who don’t even know what it take,”
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raps Drake on the chorus. “The diamonds, they hit like a rainbow, that’s ’cause the necklace a Frank.”
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“Wait…hold up,” commented Colors X Studios’ official account on the post. The platform, known for being a “stage for non-ordinary expression,”
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