Sacheen Littlefeather, Native American Activist and Brando’s Oscars Rejector, Dies at 75

Sacheen Littlefeather, Native American Activist and Brando’s Oscars Rejector, Dies at 75

Sacheen Littlefeather, a Native American activist best known for her rejection of Marlon Brando’s Oscar in 1973, died Thursday at 75 years old, the Los Angeles Times reports. At the ceremony, she used her platform to speak out against Hollywood’s treatment of Native Americans and other minorities in film, famously saying that Brando was sorry he won an Oscar.

Littlefeather also went on to become involved with the American Indian Movement and worked as an advocate of Native American rights until her death. She is survived by her son and two grandchildren.

Sacheen Littlefeather, Native American Activist and Brando’s Oscars Rejector, Dies at 75

A Brief Introduction

A Native American activist who declined Marlon Brando’s Oscar because she felt the film industry did not have enough representation of indigenous people has died. Sacheen Littlefeather was born in 1941 and passed away on April 1st. She was known for her activism within the Native American community as well as her involvement with activism against Hollywood.

Early Life

Born in the Navajo Nation in Eastern Arizona, Sacheen Littlefeather was raised by her grandparents in a traditional Navajo way. She attended Sherman Indian High School in Riverside County, California. She was an activist for the rights of Native Americans and part of the American Indian Movement (AIM). Her activism led to her involvement with Marlon Brando during his 1973 Oscar acceptance speech.

Career as an Actress

Littlefeather was born in Phoenix, Arizona. She became a sensation as an actress in the 1960s and 1970s. She worked with Clint Eastwood on the 1971 movie Joe Kidd, which starred Eastwood. She also appeared in Escape from Alcatraz (1979) with Eastwood. Littlefeather is best known for her speech at the Academy Awards ceremony on March 27, 1973 when she declined Marlon Brando’s Oscar for his role in The Godfather.

The Sacheen Littlefeather Incident

During the Academy Awards ceremony in 1973 Marlon Brando was to be awarded the Oscar for his portrayal of Don Corleone in The Godfather. However, an uninvited guest made a point of appearing on stage to refuse it on behalf of the American Indians. The man who stepped forth was Sacheen Littlefeather. For many years she had been a spokesperson for her people; now she would be heard by millions around the world.

Post-Ceremony Life

After declining to accept the Academy Award for Marlon Brando on his behalf for The Godfather, Sacheen Littlefeather became a prominent activist in the native rights movement. She was best known as a spokeswoman for the 1968 occupation of Alcatraz Island by Indians of All Tribes. After her death on Nov.

Sacheen Littlefeather young

Born in 1937 to a Cherokee father and an Indian-Mexican mother, Sacheen Littlefeather grew up in San Diego. She became a civil rights activist in the 1960s and 1970s fighting for the rights of Native Americans.

In 1973 she became one of the first female members of the American Indian Movement (AIM) when she helped establish their Southern California chapter. In 1974 she was invited by Marlon Brando to deliver a speech on his behalf at that year’s Academy Awards ceremony.

Sacheen littlefeather full speech

I feel very honored to have been given this time to talk about something that has been close to my heart for such a long time. I am from the Mohawk tribe of the Iroquois confederacy.

My father was a full-blooded Indian and my mother was part Cherokee and part white. Although I had an Indian name at birth, because of circumstances in my family we were forced to live away from our people.

Sacheen littlefeather net worth

In 1973, Sacheen Littlefeather accepted an Academy Award on behalf of Marlon Brando who was boycotting the ceremony for his portrayal of the Apache leader in The Godfather. Speaking before the televised audience with a headdress on her head and surrounded by other members of the Apache tribe, she said: I’m representing Marlon Brando this evening and he has asked me to tell you that he very regretfully cannot accept this very generous award.

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