Dhanush’s Naane Varuven Movie Review: A stale horror flick elevated by Dhanush

Dhanush’s Naane Varuven Movie Review: A stale horror flick elevated by Dhanush

(Naane Varuven Movie Review) : Naane Varuven is Dhanush’s directorial about , and it could have been a lot better if he had not been in the lead role ! Let us tell you why . If you are thinking of watching the movie , real our Naane Varuven movie review first…..

Dhanush’s Naane Varuven Movie Review: A stale horror flick elevated by Dhanush

Movie Name:
Naane Varuven

Important Point

*Dhanush’s Naane Varuven hit the theatres on 29 September 2022

*The film is directed by Selvaraghavan.

*Naane Varuven is a psychological horror film.

*Naane Varuven Release Date Is 30 September 2022.

*Naane Varuven 2022 Release Date will on 30 September 2022

*Naane Varuven Trailer is Released on 29 September 2022.

*Naane Varuven Meaning in English is (I will come myself)

*Naane Varuven Heroine is Indhuja Ravichandran

*Naane Varuven Story

Storyline of the movie

Naane Varavu is the latest movie of Selvaraghavan. The movie stars Dhanush in a leading role and tells the story of a man who has been framed for murder, and how he seeks revenge on those who framed him. The film deals with a lot of current issues like casteism and patriarchy, which are topics that Selvaraghavan has dealt with in his earlier films. Despite this, the movie was not able to do justice to its promising storyline due to some flaws in execution.

Production, direction and music score

Naane Varavu is the latest movie of Selvaraghavan. The director had previously directed films such as Pithamagan, Vinnaithaandi Varuvaaya and Thiruda Thirudi.All three of these movies were successful at the box office. He continues to show no signs of slowing down his acting career.

Star cast performances

The latest movie of Selvaraghavan, Dhanush’s Naane Varuven hit the theatres on September 29, 2022. This is the first film he has been a part of with Selvaraghavan in over a decade. It is also his first attempt at a Tamil horror movie.He plays a psychiatrist who works in an asylum. He soon finds himself entangled with supernatural forces and bloodthirsty ghosts and zombies alike.

Other artists performances

Naane Varunthu நானே வருந்து is a remake of the successful South Indian Tamil film Nadodigal. The original Nadodigal movie was a thriller-horror story about five guys who make a living from robbing people, until they meet their match in this old woman with magical powers.It then became a supernatural thriller. If you’re wondering how director Sasi (Tiger, Mouna Raagam) adapted it for Dhanush and the rest of his cast, then the answer would be: not very well. There are some good moments but it doesn’t amount to much when you look at the whole picture.

The audience reaction

Naane Varunthi is a horror movie starring Dhanush, who also co-produced the film. The movie has received mixed reviews from critics. Some reviewers have called it too predictable and stale. Others have praised it for its music and background score. The movie opened to the theatres on September 29, 2022 . It had been in theaters for two weeks as of October 15th and has collected approximately 1,50,000 USD at the box office in India so far.

Final verdict on Naane Varuven movie

Naane Varavan is a film that has all the potential of being an out and out cheesy, campy horror film with a hero who can’t do anything. But somehow, it doesn’t end up that way. It is actually quite a good film. The credit for this goes to Dhanush, who does all the heavy-lifting to elevate this stale horror flick.

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